Private Music Lessons

Playing Piano

Tune your voice and train your vocal cords or learn a new instrument with our wonderful SDS music instructors!


Children ages 7- 14 can now book private music lessons with Zoe or Erin. Classes are 30mins in length with available time slots throughout the week. We have a variety of packages to choose from.

Learn more about our instructors!

ZOE - Vocal

Students will work one on one with the instructor and through coaching a growth of sound and technique will appear within your child’s singing journey. Students will acquire techniques such as; singers stance, belly breathing, access types of singing, sight reading of sheet music, chest vs. head voice, and much more. Students will also learn what type of singer they are. A low voiced singer or a high voiced singer. They will learn how to excel in the range that they are in. Each student's course is personalized to the pace the child learns and type of singer the child is. 


Students will be able to apply their vocal coaching to songs outside of lessons for things such as auditions and audition tapes, talent shows, or even just for fun singing in the shower! Students will gain a strong understanding of a singer's anatomy and develop views on proper health to maintain a healthy singing voice. Over the course, the instructor will take the musical potential your child has and put them on the right track for the best possible singer they can be!


ERIN - Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Vocal

Erin is an accomplished songwriter, vocalist, and composer and teacher. Being surrounded by

music her entire life, Erin has had the privilege of dabbling in many different musical

instruments, most notably the guitar which she has been playing since 2005.

Erin has completed her degree in Music Production and Performance, specializing in Vocal

Studies. Her studies in music production have helped her have a hand in both the writing and

production of her original works, allowing her true self to shine through from conception to final



Erin has been teaching music for over 4 years and has experience with students of all ages and

skill levels. With a teaching style that caters to every student individually, Erin believes that every

student can achieve musical success.