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Children & Teens

Registration for the 24/25 Dance Season will open on June 16, 2024!

We offer a variety of classes in various styles of dance, such as Hip Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap, Acro and much more.

All of our classes are taught by highly trained and experienced teachers who love what they do!

New to dancing? Take a trial class on us! Email us to learn more.
Class Descriptions

This class is designed to unleash your child's imagination, foster self-expression, and develop their coordination and motor skills through the joy of dance.

Led by our experienced instructors, children will explore various movement styles, rhythms, and music. Through structured exercises, improvisation, and imaginative play, kids will discover their unique dance style and develop basic techniques while fostering spatial awareness and flexibility. In our supportive and encouraging environment, children of all skill levels can shine and unleash their creativity.

Styles of Dance
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