So Dance Studios currently offers classes in Acro, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Ballet, Tap, Creative Movement and Visual Arts in Scarborough, Ontario.  Our dance year commences in September and ends with a beautiful year end recital in June. 

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Creative Movement
Creative Movement

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Creative Movement
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All classes are available in virtual settings through Zoom video conferencing throughout the pandemic.

Class Descriptions


This class is a great introduction to dance for little budding dancers. Movement and exercises include imagery, jumping, galloping, skipping, bending, stretching, musicality games and much more. Children will acquire basic Ballet and Jazz technique.







Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance. Ballet dance is the foundation for many other dance forms.  Its technique takes years to master.  Ballet is an expressive dance form that generally tells a story.


Jazz dance stems from classical ballet technique and is generally taught to up beat music.  Jazz dance travels, jumps, turns and leaps.


Hip Hop dance is an upbeat style of dance. Its movement can be sharp, smooth, intricate, strong, funky and so much more.


Breakdance top rocking, 6 step and stalls! Breakdance is a street style of dance originating in the mid-70s bringing culture, movement, music and fashion together. Students will learn the basics in movement and style while engaging in core and strengthing exercises.


6 week sessions for children ages 18months to 3yrs. This super fun class provides the perfect introduction to dance and movement for our tiniest dancers. Movement and creativity are taught through a variety of exercises that include imagery, popular children's songs and rhymes, props such as scarves, ribbons, egg shakers, bubbles and every ones favourite...the parachute! Parents are welcome to sit back and watch their child in action or join in on the fun!


Contemporary dance fuses several genres of dance such as ballet, modern, lyrical and jazz. Contemporary dance is expressive and fluid.




Tap dance is super fun way to get moving will improving musicality and rhythm. Kids will enjoy making music by tapping their toes and heels.


Acro dance blends acrobatics and classical styles of dance. Strength and flexibility are some of the main elements.



Musical Theatre combines, acting, song and dance. The class is taught to some of Broadway and Disney’s top hits. Vocal, Dance and Drama instruction are all included in this class. *Students receive vocal training with this class.